About YogoFresh

Our family first fell in love with the self-serve frozen yogurt concept in California. The concept was unique and it was great to be able to customize your very own creation of a healthy snack. As an entrepreneurial family at heart, the thought of opening our own store lingered in our hearts for several years. Recently, in 2012, a change of careers brought our family to sunny Florida. As the days passed, the idea of launching our own frozen yogurt shop grew.

Our family frequented numerous frozen yogurt shops and would catch ourselves thinking of improvements for each one. We contacted a few franchisors to learn more about opening a store and were somewhat disappointed in what we found. The franchises seemed more interested in developing streamlined processes and grow as rapidly as possible. They would give us very little control over the direction of our store. The worst part is that we felt that many compromises were being made in terms of product quality and freshness such as using powdered yogurt. Finally, the franchisors were insisting on building out a trendy atmosphere in a vibrant night life strip mall location. That seems to be the general direction these days by most frozen yogurt shops. Funky furniture, loud music and busy late night crowds.

As parents of a 10 year old and three year old, we knew we wanted something different. We wanted someplace that would offer parents and kids a family-friendly environment to enjoy our delicious frozen yogurt. We were already sold on the health benefits of frozen yogurt compared to ice cream and wanted a place with ultra-fresh ingredients and a super clean environment.

In the end, our requirements were very simple…  we wanted a place that was fresh, clean and friendly. These three core values are at the heart and soul of YogoFresh. Surprisingly, the vast majority of other frozen yogurt shops lacked at least one of these three elements. So we decided we would set out independently to build our vision of a perfect frozen yogurt shop focused on the three values of fresh, clean and friendly.